Whether you view cockroaches as a simple nuisance or they play a starring role in your nightmares, there are much larger and concerning reason for ridding your home of these unwanted pests: Bacteria… Disease… Allergies…

Cockroach egg nest with baby cockroaches

Cockroaches will eat virtually anything that they come in contact with, including but certainly not limited to rotting food and faeces. With a digestion period that can last several months, cockroaches are able to transmit the surviving bacteria to humans through the defecating on food and household surfaces.

Most people don’t realise that the cockroaches scuttling across the floor at night are putting your family at risk from viruses such as Polio and over 30 different types of harmful bacteria such as gastroenteritis, streptococcus and salmonella.

There are currently more than 3,500 species of cockroaches worldwide. Here in Brisbane, the most common species found are the German Cockroach, American Cockroach and Oriental Cockroach. The rate at which they breed means infestations, if left untreated, can quickly become a much larger and more difficult problem to control.

DID YOU KNOW: A female cockroach can lay 40 eggs at a time and repeat this process up to 30 times within a lifespan of just one year! This can result in over 1000 new pests created in the short lifespan of a single cockroach.

Cockroach on the end of a toothbrush sitting on the edge of the bathroom basin

Brisbane has one of the highest cockroach populations in Australia, which can be attributed to our warm and humid climate. Within the home, you are most likely to find them in confined spaces such as under sinks, in cupboards and any wall cracks/crevices. Cockroaches are also attracted to heat and as such, it is common to find them near/under appliances such as kettles and heaters. More than heat and confined spaces however, cockroaches will undoubtedly be drawn to wherever food is kept and the likelihood of crumbs/scrapes are highest.  

Regular Pest Control treatments from an experienced and qualified technician is the best way to manage cockroaches in your home and protect your family from bacteria and diseases.

In between treatments, there are several actions you can take to minimise the risk of a cockroach infestation including:

  • Regularly empty rubbish bins
  • Ensure your home is clean and tidy, especially the kitchen and anywhere else food may be stored
  • Ensure floors are clear of spills and food scraps/crumbs
  • Clean under appliances such as your kettle, toaster, fridge, etc.
  • Repair any wall cracks/crevices

As cockroach experts, we provide professional advice, treatments and management plans across South East Queensland, including:

  • North Brisbane
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Bribie Island
  • Redcliffe

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