Rodents (Rats and Mice)

Mouse next to a chewed-through power cable plugged into the wall

If you lay awake at night listening to a flurry of activity that seems to be occurring out of sight; scurrying feet along the ceiling or pipes, scratching in the walls… then chances are your much beloved home has a rodent infestation.

It is important to act at the first sign that your home may have rodents. Not only do rats and mice pose a health risk to your family through the transmission of diseases such as Leptospirosis and Salmonella, but they can also cause physical damage to your home.

Rodents will look to anything as a potential source of food are known to chew on electrical wires and cables which can result in damage to the home and, in extreme cases, a house fire.

The key to preventing these unwanted house guests is to identify and rectify any potential entry points they can use. This includes door frames that aren’t sealed properly, pipes, eaves and your rooftop. Excellent climbers, mice also have a soft skeleton which means they are also able to squeeze through small gaps that you probably thought were safe.

Regular and thorough cleaning will also help by reducing the amount of food and water available. To this end, it is important to properly store food in airtight contains, quickly clean any food spills, repair any leaking faucets and clean under items that aren’t regularly moved such as the fridge, stove, couch, etc.

Due to the alarming rate at which rodents reproduce, preventative measures are crucial when trying to deter rats and mice from entering your home. Reaching sexual maturity in as little as six weeks, female mice can have up to 10 litters per year with each litter consisting of six to eight (sometimes as high as 16) babies.

Once rodents have a foothold in your home, it can become virtually impossible to successfully treat the infestation without an experienced and qualified Pest Management Technician.

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